Holding up

I got the best surprise in the world yesterday. I was sleeping and woke up to my phone ringing. I didn’t recognize the number, and wasn’t going to answer. And then I remembered something the bf had mentioned really briefly before he left about getting into a habit of answering numbers I don’t know (because he’s seen me never EVER pick up if I don’t recognize the number, or at least the area code). As this realization sunk in (in the 15 seconds I was stumbling to answer my phone) my heart started racing and I got SO excited. I hurriedly answered my phone, and then waited the pause (OH THE PAUSE!) which felt like forever, and held my breath, hoping to hear his voice on the other end. And I did! He said he only had about 3 minutes for a phone call, but that didn’t matter to me. 3 minutes is more than nothing, and it felt so good to hear his voice and tell him I love him and I miss him. He just got his address, so he’s sending me a letter with it (so I have someplace to send my envelope of daily letters that’s getting rather full). The 3 minutes of course flew by, but I was so excited to hear his voice.

I am incredibly thankful for my friends. They have been wonderful – checking up and seeing how I’m doing, keeping me busy so I don’t have time to be sad. Random texts asking how I’m doing, phone calls, and mini road trips to see my friend’s new house.  I met up with a girl who I work with yesterday to see The Back-Up Plan. As you’ll come to learn, I usually HATE chick flicks. They’re just not my kind of movie. But lately they have been, because it helps me deal with him being away a little bit better. The movie was cute and actually made me laugh at some parts. A few scenes were beyond awkward (If you’ve seen it, you know!), and the storyline was of course over-the-top, but it was still wonderful to escape for a few hours. Afterwards, I went by her new house. She got married last summer and was so excited to show me her new place with her husband. It was adorable, and makes me excited to be a homeowner someday instead of just cramped up in my little apartment.

Speaking of little apartments, I’m trying so hard to go through and sort things out and get things packed up. I decided I would start early and pack up a little at a time so that 1) The task wouldn’t feel quite so daunting and 2) so that I could really go through and organize things. Such as putting all my long-term storage things in more appropriate (ie. Rubbermaid tubs) containers and my short-term storage into my cardboard boxes. It’s a task, but it’s keeping me busy 🙂


~ by futurepharmd on May 3, 2010.

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